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Reasons to Use Natural & Organic Skin Care Products

There are a wide variety of skincare products available on the market, some of which are natural and synthetic. These products are beneficial, but natural products are better to keep your skin looking healthier and fresh. Here are some reasons to use natural products:

Better for the Environment

First and foremost, synthetic products harm animals and plants when they come into contact. These products could have extreme consequences on surrounding ecosystems. But, organic skincare products use natural ingredients, which cause no harm to nearby animals and plants.

Safer Solutions

Natural skincare solutions are much safer when compared to synthetic products. You can essentially avoid all adverse health effects by using natural skincare products.

Packed with Beneficial Nutrients

The best way to highlight the differences between natural and synthetic skin care products is to learn about their ingredients. Natural products contain familiar-surrounding ingredients such as juices and oils. In contrast, synthetic products include Dye #4, Triclosan, Petrolatum, and many more.

Jenneh General Merchandise offers 100% organic and handmade products by keeping in mind the benefits of natural skincare products. Our natural skin care products include African Black Soap, JenGen African Shea, and CocoShea butter. To place your order or learn more about our products, give us a call at (267) 920-9024.

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