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African CocoShea Skin Beauty Bundle


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Why is this product for you?
The JenGen shea butter is a great choice to provide your body with the necessary daily care. Made with natural shea butter from the African shea tree, this formula is rich in nutrients and fatty acids. It has a highly moisturizing formula that replenishes your skin and restores its beauty from its deeper levels, leaving it silky smooth and soft. Also, its rich vitamin content is an excellent solution for skin overexposed to the sun, as it has a calming, soothing effect. You can use our natural shea butter for both skin and hair, helping you look beautiful in any condition.
Some of the amazing features of this product:
Premium quality shea butter; Made with natural shea butter; Raw and unrefined;
Rich texture;
Soft and lightweight feel;
High fatty acids content; Enriched with vitamins E and D; Moisturizing formula;
Leaves the skin silky smooth; For hair and skin;
Soothing effect;
High nutrient content;
Softens hard skin;

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